Information for England Hockey Coaches and Organisers

England Hockey strongly recommends that all coaches are insured as an individual, through a club or Association.. 

Insurance should reflect the activities you undertake as a coach within the guidance of your level of qualification or accreditation.

It is also recommended that no coach except those accredited at UKCC Level 2, EH Sessional Coach or EH Coach or above, should coach independently i.e. unsupervised.

A Level 1 coach or coach who has attended a GB Coaching Club workshop or Introduction to Hockey Coaching should continue to provide instruction under the supervision of a Level 2, EH Sessional Coach, EH Coach or above and can organise and supervise game play. Coaches can receive insurance cover for their coaching activities as part of the many benefits of the England Hockey Membership

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Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults is of key importance. Regrettably, incidents of abuse, emotional, physical, sexual or neglect and bullying are occurring within the world of sport and Insurers generally have been reviewing their position on the extent of cover available to organisations in respect of child abuse.

In order to continue providing clubs and associations with abuse cover you must commit to following good practice by signing up to England Hockey's  ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy and Procedures’ . Any coaches, clubs or associations or umpires affiliating to England Hockey are agreeing to follow these policies and procedures and further details are available via the England Hockey website or from

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